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I found my lady duck on a clutch of eggs. I had to move her. She built the nest under my shed, unsecure area…
I got her and the eggs out, and she is back in the safety of her home!

Lady Duck Nesting

first clutch 2

duck eggs

first clutch 3

I’ve given them back to her in her Duck House. She went right back to them!! Its going to be a very anxious month waiting on the babies!!!


first clutch 4

Keep your fingers crossed!!!


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Raising Ducks

Ok, I know that I posted yesterday about my ducks… But there is a limited amount of information on the web, at least compared to raising chickens, for Duck Care. So I want to share my experience, my trials and errors, what works and what doesn’t work, so on and so forth.

One thing that I’ve witnessed is when the ducklings are tiny.. like a few days to probably about 3-4 weeks old they should be in the same brooder as the chicks (same age,) if you happen to have chickens too. My hens and ducks are bbf’s haha! After those 3-4 weeks though the ducks start getting REALLY messy. They’ll spill the water, poop in the water, make the whole brooder wet with this mess.. trust me, they’ll need their own home. The dampness isn’t healthy for the chicks. After I separated them I noticed that the chickens brooder needed to be changed much much less often than the ducks. I was doing the ducks every other day. The heat lamp + the wet + the poop = …you don’t want to know. It gagged me, and I have a strong stomach.

All the research that I’ve done concluded that the hens and the ducks shouldn’t live together in the same coop. I think this is because of the mess the ducks make. I fixed that too. I don’t leave water inside the coop at night. They aren’t in there all that long.
See? Friends!!

I recently put together a waterer I found on pinterest. I took a 2 gallon bucket, drilled holes and attached chicken nipples. I was informed that ducks shouldn’t drink from the chicken nipples because it is unnatural for them to tilt their heads back. Now, this is true! Ducks need to submerge their heads to clear out their sinus cavities. That makes sense. BUT it doesn’t mean that ducks CANT use the chicken nipples.
They just copied the chickens!! This is why I love the chicken nipples: I can seal that bucket! It keeps the water clean and healthy!! For the 2 gallons I added 2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar. It has health benefits for the chicks and ducks. Aids the immune system, aids the good bacteria in the stomachs helping digestion, words off worms…

People talk all the time about giving their chickens yogurt. Regualr yogurt, flavored, plain, greek.. The probiotics that are so good for us are also really healthy for them. Well I am giving it to my ducks too! They love it just as much. This guy has a yogurt mustache!!

One last thing for today! I really wish that when the ducks were ducklings I had handled them more. They can be super skittish when I really just want them to be my friend! Ha! I feel like if I held them more as babies they would be used to me or something, I don’t know. Now when I am sitting in the run with treats they will investigate me, I can even catch them. But when I pick them up they go haywire! The one will eventually calm down enough that I can pet it (Don’t know the sex of them yet.) The other will fight like hell. They both though will go nose to nose with me and quack and quack and quack! It’s super cute.

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The ducks had so much fun today!
I let them free range for the first time, I had to keep the chickens in the run though. I’m afraid they can fly over the 6′ fence! I’ll have to learn how to clip their wings.

The baby can catch the ducks! I think that really love her. The other kids cant get close without them freaking out.


I had reservations about keeping the ducks and the hens together in one house. A lot of information on the google that I came across suggested it wasn’t a good idea. But I didn’t want to have to build two different houses in the back yard, at least not until I tried it this way. I am glad that I did!! They are doing fantastic!! I don’t keep the food or water in their over night. But they are only in their for 10 hours at a time. Every one goes to bed around 8 and up again around 6.
So if you are thinking about keeping both of these birds I recommend that you try it this way!!
The Splash Cochin, Ashleigh, is better friends with the ducks than the other hens!! Haha, they are too silly

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The Adventure Continues

Our chicks and ducks are now 8 weeks old! Time sure does fly. They are now out of their brooder and living in their coop!
We are having the ducks live in the coop with the chickens, I am hoping that this living situation works out for all involved lol. I don’t even want to start thinking about building another house. HA!

They got so big so fast!

I’ve been feeding them regularly with their chicken feed but I have also been giving them fruit and veggie scraps from the kitchen and garden. Along with mealworms. Their fav!
It will still be about 2-3 months before we start getting eggs, but I’m sure all this hard work will pay off in the end.

The chicken on my shoulder is my favorite. So sweet and so personable. I’m having a hard time determining if its a pullet or a rooster. If it turns out to be roo then I will have to give it up per HOA rules and regulations. I’ll be broken hearted =/

The ducks are doing well, I’m pretty sure they are mallard females. I hope they are girls! I want to try duck eggs, I’ve always been curious.

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Coop Part 2

After about 2 weeks of hard labor the coop is finally done! We spent a couple of days working all day long, then when the Husband had to work we’d go from 4pm until about 11, after all that work its DONE!!
Husband says to me now that I am responsible for any maintenance because he is “more than done with that chicken coop.”

I built 2 nesting boxes out of particle wood, its pretty heavy. I believe that it is heavy enough for the chickens to not move. I didn’t secure it to the floor because I would like to be able to remove it to clean. Beyond the boxes are 3 perches that we put in.


Here is the cleaning door and a window we enclosed in hardware cloth. I can open and close if I need to.

Now paint!


Last but certainly not least.. Chicks and ducks!!


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Babies and Chickens

It’s so hard to believe that the chicks and the ducks are getting so BIG already! The ducks have stopped peeping and are now full blown quackers!
I was told by a lady at Tractor Supply that if I wanted the chickens and the ducks to be more docile in around me and the kids, that we had to “force” ourselves on them. I must say that every one did a superb job! The babies were picking up and holding the chicken and the chickens were very calm and very nice 🙂
My handsome son! The babies were telling me how much they love their chickens, it warms my heart. They are so sweet and this is going to be a fantastic learning experience for them.
Our youngest daughter decided that we should name this leghorn StarFire. I’m not sure why, I think that it may be from a TV show. But StarFire it is! Although I am still on the fence as to whether this one is a male or female. I have gotten really attached, so I hope that we can keep it.