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My Lovely Hens

So my Black sex link hen has been laying FAITHFULLY since July 4!
An egg a day from her, she has tried a couple times, to lay her eggs in my flower box. But I’ve gotten her to go in the nesting box.
I need her to teach the other ladies good habits once they start laying! Which should be any day now. Seeing as how they are all almost 22 weeks old.


first dozen eggs! (Cupcake)
The eggs will stay fresh on the counter UNWASHED for about a month. With only one egg a day, we are flying through them, I cant wait to see how many eggs we can collect once they are all laying!

I’m pretty sure that the happier/healthier the hen, the more eggs they’ll give you! …I’m sure there is more science-y stuff behind it. Ha!
One of the ladies favorite things to eat is dried mealworms. Gross. But, hey, they are happy.


The ladies usually will keep their distance, until they hear that bag shake. It’s so funny to watch them all (including the two ducks) run across the yard. My son is hand feeding my littles!


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OK so I know I posted this morning about waiting on eggs… TODAY I FOUND MY FIRST ONE IN THE COOP!!!
I definitely did the egg dance! Ha!

first egg!! 7.4.14

It’s perfect! No blemishes, no soft spots. Just light brown speckledy goodness! My mom blew it out for me (into a frying pan) and I get to keep the shell!

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Freeeeee and Lovin’ It

Finally got up the courage to clip the wings on the hens and ducks!
Their reward?! Free ranging in the yard! Ohmygoodness they had so much fun, not to mention the kids. They were ecstatic chasing the birds (I use the word ‘bird’ lightly, I know they are not birds but actually fowl.)


I think that I may have to plant them their own little garden they can eat out of! They seem to love the kale.



Hiding out underneath the bush, escaping the heat.

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Well over the weekend I found out for sure that my favorite chicken in indeed a rooster 😦
caught him trying to mount one of the hens, and then yesterday he crowed. It was a sad moment. I really loved that stupid thing.
I had to rehome him. Thankfully I was able to find a woman would love him as much as I do!

The Husband hated to see that I was so sad and told me that I could replace the rooster with two new hens. So I got on craigslist and found two 1 week old Easter Egger hens. They will be ugly as sin when they are grown, but they are going to lay me some pink, blue and green eggs…. In December.

1 week EEs
The others should start laying here in about 5 or 6 weeks, at the most hopefully. Laying on average one egg every 25 hours. That would come to about 21 weeks a week, give or take.