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DoTerra Oils pt. 2

In the last week I have tried two new ideas with Doterra’s Lemon Oil.
I wanted to make sure I had enough to get accurate results! And let me tell you, I am impressed!!

I have written before about the benefits of flavored water, putting fruit in our water. There are so many health benefits its mind boggling!
I love lemons for many different reasons. First and foremost being that it is a natural pectic, when consumed in a tepid glass of water first thing in the morning the pectin picks up all the junk from your system and flushes it right now, helping to clean your kidneys and liver. I have felt a hundred times better since I’ve starting “eating” a lemon a day! It isnt only good for your insides but your outsides too! Ha!
What I mean by that is, since I’ve starting with the lemons… Around the beginning of June this year, I have not had one acne breakout. I’m pretty prone to it. Gross, I know. Especially in the summer with all the sweat and being outside, getting dirty… Having your system cleaned from the inside shows on the outside! It’s wonderful how clear my skin my has been!!

A friend of mine suggested using a glass bottle, the acid from the lemon oil could erode plastic. Instead of going to the store to buy a $20 glass water bottle, that let’s face it, I am only going to break… I bought a $4 bottle of Voss Water and just reused it.

But consuming it isnt the only way to reap the skin benefits. Lemon oil has antibacterial properties, anit-fungal, Disinfectant, Antiseptic.. and the list goes on!
So I have made a face exfoliate to combat skin problems as well.


For more information or to order please contact Chelsey at her email address, To shop dōTERRA products click here, but do contact Chelsey before ordering because she can get you 25% off. Check out her blog here, and be sure to follow her Instagram account (@essentialseveryday) where she posts daily tips and current promotions and specials.



DoTerra Oils pt. 1

I have recently added essentials to my “must try” list. I hear about them all the time, I was curious. A very good friend of mine swears by her oils. She uses them for EVERYTHING.
I had to jump on this train.
I already use Epsom Salt on a most daily basis. My face, my baths, my legs. The Husband will soak his feet at night (especially if he is breaking in a knew pair of work boots.) One of my AMAZING find for Epsom salt can be found here and here.

I have been having a lot of issues sleeping lately
The last couple of nights I have used the Lavender Oil from my DoTerra trail kit. I put a dab of the oil on the soles of my feet and a drop or two on my pillow. I was able to fall asleep faster! The scent of the lavender is heavenly! I think that tonight I may mix a few drops of the lavender with a carrier oil in a spritz bottle and spritz my pillow for a more even coverage of scent… just a thought.

Last night was the best nights sleep I have gotten in a very long time. Before bed I dissolved 2 cups of Epsom Salt in a VERY hot bath and added 4 drops of my lavender oil! I grabbed a book and soaked for 20-30 minutes, it was so calming, so relaxing. I got out and went to bed, I must’ve fallen asleep right away! I didnt toss and turn, I didnt wake up until the rose through my window!! I feel amazing this morning!


One last thing that I have used the lavender oil so far for is for itch relief! From bug bites.
I bought a little spritz bottle from Target for $1 (in the travel toiletries section)
I filled it about half way with Witch Hazel, dropped about 8 drops of lavender in it and a bit of water.
Shook it up and sprayed my bug bites.
Now it didnt completely make the itch go away, but enough to get my mind off of it, the lavender was soothing and the witch hazel calmed my skin.


I plan on using the lemon oil today, see what I can come up with. I know that the oils are ultra concentrated. With the lemon I am looking for health benefits! I have talked about how great lemons are for you in your water here.
I am thinking I’ll start with one drop of lemon oil per glass or water bottle! Cant wait to see the results!

I received my oils from a DoTerra Wellness Advocate, Chelsey Miller.