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My Lovely Hens

So my Black sex link hen has been laying FAITHFULLY since July 4!
An egg a day from her, she has tried a couple times, to lay her eggs in my flower box. But I’ve gotten her to go in the nesting box.
I need her to teach the other ladies good habits once they start laying! Which should be any day now. Seeing as how they are all almost 22 weeks old.


first dozen eggs! (Cupcake)
The eggs will stay fresh on the counter UNWASHED for about a month. With only one egg a day, we are flying through them, I cant wait to see how many eggs we can collect once they are all laying!

I’m pretty sure that the happier/healthier the hen, the more eggs they’ll give you! …I’m sure there is more science-y stuff behind it. Ha!
One of the ladies favorite things to eat is dried mealworms. Gross. But, hey, they are happy.


The ladies usually will keep their distance, until they hear that bag shake. It’s so funny to watch them all (including the two ducks) run across the yard. My son is hand feeding my littles!


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DIY shade for my chickens

My yard is supper sunny.. I have a couple of bushes for The Ladies to cool off under, But I decided to make something for them today.
A couple months ago my Husband took out our old fence to be able to put up a new one. We have all the wood from it still (Slowly its getting burnt in the fire pit) I was checking it out earlier and thought to myself “That is a lot of wood.. I can re-purpose it..”
This is what I came up with…


Old fence + Spray paint + an idea = A CHICKEN CLUB HOUSE!!

Here is a close up!

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Pretty Ladies I

Just gonna take a second to show off how beautiful my ladies are for a minute. Its just a few of them, the other 2 were off looking for bugs!

This is Betty, one of my Easter Eggers. She is a “mut” breed. It’s OK though because she will lay colorful eggs for us!

Humalie, the Buff Orpington. She is the one that I think has started laying for me. 2 eggs in 3 days so far! She the calmest most docile hen in our flock. I ❤ her!


Betty and Louise. The EEs. They are known in the chicken world as the “slow ones.” At first I couldn’t understand why someone would say that… but it’s true. Makes me nervous about coop training and waterer training for them. They are very sweet, they love each other. If I’m holding one the other will fly up into my lap, just to be close.



The bunny Nathan decided he was going to push Humalie over and eat her cracked corn! She should’ve stuck up for herself, but she is a sharer!

❤ I love my Ladies!

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OK so I know I posted this morning about waiting on eggs… TODAY I FOUND MY FIRST ONE IN THE COOP!!!
I definitely did the egg dance! Ha!

first egg!! 7.4.14

It’s perfect! No blemishes, no soft spots. Just light brown speckledy goodness! My mom blew it out for me (into a frying pan) and I get to keep the shell!

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Backyard Adventures!

The fowl and the ducks are doing AH-ma-zing!! I’m so friggin excited!!
I added two Easter Egger chicks to my flock about a month ago, after rehoming my rooster (=[ still sad about this.) They are just about ready to go into the big girl house!


Its surreal how quickly they grow, although I wont see any eggs from them until November. Once they start laying their eggs will be hues of blue, green and even pink. The kids will be amazed!

Hen is my Splash Cochin, Cupcake is a Black Sexlink and Humalie is a Buff Orpington. I have read that all 3 of them will lay large brown eggs.
Now I’ve also read that Cochins are poor egg layers and that they are broody. Broody means that a hen will go all “momma hulk” on her eggs. Just sit and sit and sit waiting for them to hatch.
I don’t think that I really believe that Hen wont give me eggs on a regular basis, but I’ll keep you guys updated.


Humalie and Cupcake!


Humalie and Hen!

You can see that this picture was photo bombed by our drake, a Rouen duck. So… The other day I caught the drake mounting our female duck! I don’t know if he actually got it in.. it worries me. I’ve read that ducks are horndogs and that they can actually hurt chickens if they try to mate with them!
My 8 year old daughter has always hated eggs! Strange, I know. But she is more that ready and willing to try out a farm fresh egg. Even a duck egg!!

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Freeeeee and Lovin’ It

Finally got up the courage to clip the wings on the hens and ducks!
Their reward?! Free ranging in the yard! Ohmygoodness they had so much fun, not to mention the kids. They were ecstatic chasing the birds (I use the word ‘bird’ lightly, I know they are not birds but actually fowl.)


I think that I may have to plant them their own little garden they can eat out of! They seem to love the kale.



Hiding out underneath the bush, escaping the heat.