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I found my lady duck on a clutch of eggs. I had to move her. She built the nest under my shed, unsecure area…
I got her and the eggs out, and she is back in the safety of her home!

Lady Duck Nesting

first clutch 2

duck eggs

first clutch 3

I’ve given them back to her in her Duck House. She went right back to them!! Its going to be a very anxious month waiting on the babies!!!


first clutch 4

Keep your fingers crossed!!!


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Freeeeee and Lovin’ It

Finally got up the courage to clip the wings on the hens and ducks!
Their reward?! Free ranging in the yard! Ohmygoodness they had so much fun, not to mention the kids. They were ecstatic chasing the birds (I use the word ‘bird’ lightly, I know they are not birds but actually fowl.)


I think that I may have to plant them their own little garden they can eat out of! They seem to love the kale.



Hiding out underneath the bush, escaping the heat.