Stay at home mom spilling the beans on everyday life!

Get Fit!

I love to exercise. I love Yoga, and I really like (HA!) cardio. I love getting sweaty, I love the next day burn.




Being so busy with the Hobby Farm and raising 3 young kids, it’s essential to me to take an hour a day and spend it all by myself (HA! ya right) … as best I can any way. I get the kiddos settled down and let them play by themselves, usually it works. ❤

I don't do it for anyone but myself. I couldn't possibly care less about what other people think about me or the way that I look. What's important is how I feel about the way I portray myself to others. Get it? It's kinda strange way to word it I guess. Husband says so anyway… although he is he appreciates my efforts 😉


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