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My Thoughts On My Pantry

A.P Flour
Baking Soda/Powder
Veg. oil
Choc. Chips

Bread crumbs

Sour Cream

Cream Soups

Meats that you eat..
Chicken breasts, drumsticks
Sausage (breakfast and dinner)
Ground Turkey
Steam veggies

With these things in my pantry on constant rotation, I find that I can save myself A LOT of money and time. No one wants to be in the middle of baking of cake and realize that you dont have enough butter!

I just make sure that all these things are present before heading to the market. Click here for my meal planning tips!


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Meal Planning

One thing that I used to have a difficult time with was feeding my family of 5 without killing the food budget. My kids are 8,5 and 3.
They never really used to eat a lot. Well now they all eat like teenaged boys! Ha! It seems as though when they do go through a growth spurt, they do it all at the same time. Not one at a time.

I knew that I was going to need to start making a better attempt at meal planning, well not only meal planning per-say, but “what food should we be keeping in the house” planning.

I’ve never really gotten the hang of the whole couponing thing… So that was out of the question… Unless I just happened to come across a $1.50 off my Starbucks k-cups!
I know that my saving grace is the commissary. I save so much money when I can get out there.

I’m pretty sure that I have come up with a solution to the “Crap! I spent $500 on groceries this month!” Haha! I was thinking that $100/week to feed 5 of us wasn’t really a big deal. But if I wasnt planning right, I could spend $100 a week and then the next week I had NOTHING in the pantry and had to run out and spend between $200-300 to stock up again.

Now I have a list of Pantry Must-Haves. Things that I can throw together quick for simple dinner ideas if I am in a pinch and cant make it to the store. Things, that when Husband and I want to eat my Famous Ribollita Soup, there is something for the kids. Because we all know that kids do NOT know what good food is.
Another thing that I have in my planning arsenal is my recipe box, notebooks and pens!


With these Pantry Must-Haves on a busy night you can take chicken, stuffing and canned green beans and make a casserole! Voila! 30 minute dinner on the fly.
When I make my meal list I number my paper as high as I want my groceries to last. For example, we get paid biweekly. But sometimes if the dates fall just right it can be almost 3 weeks between paychecks. Then I know that I have to spend as little as I can while getting as much as I can.
So I’ll go through my recipe books and choose what to eat for the next few.. weeks. But I cant assign a dinner to a certain day, I dont have that kind of self control. I have keep my list handy on the kitchen counter and I’ll choose day by day what off the list I am going to cook.

If I decide to make meatballs (which I usually do twice, once for pasta and once for meatball subs) I will go through my pantry items and see if I already have some of the things I need for this. If not I’ll make sure that 1lb of hot Italian sausage and 1lb of ground turkey make it to the list!

I went from spending a solid $250 biweekly to about $200 every 3 weeks!! That’s awesome. All it takes is a little preparedness. I didn’t even have to go for a Meatless Monday! That’s a thing right? People do that to save.


The “S” Fam!


This is me, my husband and our three babies! I couldn’t ask for a better family, I’m sure everyone says that haha! The picture was taken last year when we lived in CT. The Husband is in the Navy and we move around a lot. Sometimes it can be unsettling to have to move so often, but also it is a blessing to be a Navy wife. Josh and I would never have met if it weren’t for the military.
The cherubs, as I call them collectively, are almost always that. Little angels. Even though we have our share of “I’m going to pull all of my hair out of my head” parenting struggles.
I’m hoping that in this section of my blog my parenting struggles can help others who might be having the same difficulties. While sharing the bountiful joys as well! Enjoy!

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Family Loss

Rest in Peace in the arms of the LORD

Rest in Peace in the arms of the LORD

2 Corinthians 5:6-8 So we are always of good courage. We know that while we are at home in the body we are away from the Lord, for we walk by faith, not by sight. Yes, we are of good courage, and we would rather be away from the body and at home with the Lord.

My Uncle recently passed of small cell carcinoma. He had been battling cancer for a year, and died right before his 51 birthday.
Uncle Hoss was one of 6 children, four other boys and my mother. He left behind a son, a daughter, wife and grandchild.
His death has been profound for my mom, she says that no one can fill the whole in her heart quite like her big brother. It has also made her, and myself included, realize the significance of our relationships with others and that with the LORD. Life is fleeting, and shouldn’t be taken for granted.
As much as it pains the family to have lost their brother, son, uncle and dad, it is comforting know that he is at home in the arms of God.

My Uncle Hoss is pictured above with his daughter, my cousin, Alisha.