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Doterra Lemon Oil Face Scrub

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Isn’t food amazing? All the different benefits that we can reap, even when we aren’t eating it?!
There are so many things that we can do with things around the kitchen, besides make delicious goodies.

I’ve got a recipe for a face scrub that not only cultivates the benefits of raw honey but also Doterra Oils!

It’s important to use raw honey. Raw means that it is taken directly from the hive, bottled and sold to you. No alterations, to cook time. Nothing. Which means that all the health benefits are there. Honey is a natural anti-inflammatory and is anti-bacterial. Honey is good for when you have a cold, or a sore throat. The honey will take down the swelling and kill what ever it is that is making you sick. I love drinking my honey in tea! Raw honey is also said to help relieve seasonal allergies.
I used Pure honey from the grocery store. It still has some of the same properties, mostly moisturizing. Which is OK because the Lemon Oil will add all the benefits I need. I have raw honey in the house, but not enough for this recipe. I’d rather hold onto it for my tea 😉

I am using the honey topically here, it is so good for your skin. Not only it extremely moisturizing, but being anti-bacterial and an anti-inflammatory, it helps with existing and to prevent breakouts.

Also in this recipe I’ve added Doterra’s Lemon Oil for the same reasons. The lemon oil will clean your face, while killing all the pimple and blackhead causing nastiness! Ha!

1/2c Raw honey
1/4c baking soda
2tsp cinnamon
5 drops of Doterra Lemon Oil


I use this 3 times a week in the shower and my skin is thanking me! Ha!

For more information or to order please contact Chelsey at her email address, To shop dōTERRA products click here, but do contact Chelsey before ordering because she can get you 25% off. Check out her blog here, and be sure to follow her Instagram account (@essentialseveryday) where she posts daily tips and current promotions and specials.


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