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Buffalo Chicken Garbage Bread

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Garbage bread, calzones and stromboli are a couple of my family’s favorite dishes. Especially my mom’s! Every time she comes down to visit me, that’s her request for dinner! Ha! I love to put any thing and everything into my garbage bread. Hence the name! It should be called “Everything but the kitchen sink bread!”

Any way. My brother is here and asked me to make his favorite, buffalo chicken.

**Side note**
Just incase you don’t know the difference between the 3. A garbage bread is characterized by the bread dough rather than a pizza dough, and rolled.
Calzone is basically just a pizza folded in half and then baked.
Stromboli (My personal favorite) uses pizza dough, it is rolled up into itself like a garbage bread, but it’s sauce-less! That’s what I like the best about it!

Back to my point!!


1lb of chicken breasts cut up into bite sized chunks
2 jalapenos
Ranch dressing
Frank’s Red Hot Buffalo Sauce
Shredded cheddar cheese
Shredded mozzarella cheese


sauté the chicken in a frying pan. I like to pour in some Frank’s to soak up the flavor. I DONNOT cook the chicken all the way through so it doesn’t dry out in the oven.

While that is cooking I roll out my bread dough (which you can buy in the freezer section at Wal-Mart)
Pour on some more Frank’s and some Ranch dressing, keeping slightly back from the edges.


Add the chicken, cheese and the diced jalapenos


Roll the garbage bread by pulling the top over first and then fold in the sides as you roll so that nothing drips out!

Transfer to baking sheet, cut 3 slits to allow for venting. I like to put parsley and garlic powder on top.

Bake according to the directions from the bread dough! I baked mine at 425 for 20 minutes.




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