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The Big Move. Assignment #11

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My whole life up until now had been a series of apartments, all throughout the same town. Most, even, right on the same street. A couple months here. A year there.

One day my parents came home from work and announced that we were moving yet again. “This time we are buying a house!” My mother explained. They went on to tell us (my brother, sister and  myself) that this house wasn’t going to be in Waterford… It was 30 minutes north. I was heart broken to have to leave my friends. Even though we lived in several different apartments we had always gone to the same school. Now I was going to have to start middle school some where else.

As a 12 year old life isn’t just isn’t fair. “This new place better be good.”  

Mom and Dad took me up to the house that weekend. To scope things out. We drove for, what seemed like, forever. Finally going through a small neighborhood.

“Here we are!” Dad was so excited I thought he might burst.

It looked pretty big. At least compared to the apartment. My dad told me that there were only 3 bed rooms so he had had a room in the basement converted into my own space. I liked the sound of that! Sounded .. dark and brooding. Ha!

There was all the usual stuff here. Eat-in kitchen, living room, bathroom..

“Come on, let’s go out back” I followed my Mom onto the back porch.

“Holy crap!” We had our own in ground pool! It was huge! Last summer when we wanted to go swimming, my sister and I would take the bus across town to the public pool.

Now we had one right in our backyard!


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