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The other day my husband and I stopped at a state farmer’s market. Our 8 year old daughter spotted a man selling a crate that contained 115 lemons for $44. Needless to say she talked her dad into buying them for her so she can have a lemonade stand.
That meant that I had to come up with a recipe. So I googled and googled, made variations and here it is!




I used 2 C. of fresh squeezed juice. About a dozen good sized lemons.


In a sauce pan I brought 3C. water to a boil and added 2C. sugar. Waited for it to dissolve and took it off the heat.


After it cooled I added a couple ladles of the syrup to the lemon juice in a pitcher and 8C cold water, filled the rest with ice.

If you prefer a sweeter lemonade you can add more of the syrup you made. We like ours on the tart side 😉




I’m thinking about throwing a cup or so of frozen raspberries to flavor it, I would suppose you could also put some tequila in there too if you were feeling naughty!




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