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Pumpkin Pie Assignment #10

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The pumpkin pie I ate as a kid wasn’t anything “special.” Only the usual canned pumpkin and Pillsbury pie crust. There were only 3 occasions that we would eat it though. Thanksgiving, Christmas and my birthday! Ha!
I think that I would want it for my birthday day, which is the beginning of December to kind of bridge Thanksgiving and Christmas.
I know a lot of people go freakin nuts over the Holiday season, but I really flip my shit once September hits.
In September the kids start school, which is always a big deal! (My middle child, a son, is 5 this year and gets to go to Kindergarten)
I start getting my kids to think about Halloween costumes, whether they are going to be store bought or homemade. Figuring out which neighborhood we are going to go trick or treating in, finding all the city sponsored Trunk or Treats..
Shit, there I go off on a tangent again.
Anyway, once all the Halloween decorations come down, the Thanksgiving one go up and the Husband and I get the kids thinking about what they are thankful for. Watching the Macy’s Day parade. football… cooking for HOURS. Last year on thanksgiving day my oven shit the bed and couldn’t hold temp for more than 30 minutes or so at a time, that was a pain in the ass. Lots of family cramming into my not very large house.
Only a couple days after Thanksgiving is my birthday, a whole nother reason to celebrate! And get the TREE! Ha! With more pumpkin pie!
Right after my birthday I really start planning on Christmas presents, and planning Christmas dinner. If it happens to be held at my house that year. Last year we had two Christmas’. My Younger sister and her family drove around the new year and stayed for a week (I got to keep my tree up!!) We called it “Christmas, Take Two.)
All in all pumpkin pie represents the hustle and bustle of the holiday season for me!!
on a side note, I also cannot eat ANYTHING pumpkin or spicy (cinnamon, nutmeg..clove) that would be a reminder of the season during the off season. It feels like cheating!


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