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What I’ve Lost Vs. What I’ve Gained Pt.3 Assignment#4 Final Chapter.

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That night.. What can I say.


I tried to bail on my girlfriend and she fought me tooth and nail to leave with her. So I got dressed. Jeans and Social Distortion tshirt, high tops, no make up or jewelry. I did not try hard at all to make myself presentable. Ha!


The first bar we visited was called the Bull Pen. In our small town’s local watering hole.

Amaretto Sours for her and Gin and Tonic for me. Come on. No judging. It was St. Patrick’s day after all.

We ran into some silly boys, one of whom had a black eye, one was very easy on the eyes and the other was.. lets face it, a tool. This tool kept trying to pick me up. My GF really hit it off with the guy with the black eye. I was trying to hide away from the jerk. I made my way to the bar, intending on bringing drinks back for everyone. The boy that was “easy on the eyes” followed me up to the bar, by now we are all completely shit faced, and offered to help. My first words to him were “Hi, I’m Serena and I have a two year old daughter is that okay with you?” Ha!

We totally hit it off!

My sister came by the bar around 2 am to pick me and GF up. She was pissed when we refused to get in the car and go home.

We ended up going to Denny’s with the boys (The guy whom I referred to as the ‘tool’ was the designated driver for the boys.)

Back at their place, we watched Ratatouille.

The girlfriend and I ended up marrying these boys!

Since that night at the bar, my “easy on the eyes” guy has been my husband, my best friend and has given me two more children and a beautiful home. I have never looked back on the life I used to live. The life I thought I wanted. Over the years I have grown into such a different person than I ever thought I would become.


I lost my “freedom” but I’ve gained so much more.


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