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Unreal. Assignment#7

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“There she is” He thought ” I have to talk to her.”

Harper! Wait up!”


“I know, I know.. but I cant stand the idea of never seeing you again. You have to give me another chance.”

How am I going to convince her that she belongs with me and not this other guy?”

Before she could respond, I continued “Harper, I’ve never met anyone who makes me feel that way that you do. I will do anything to make this work.”

“Billy, James is a great guy. He is good looking, charming, smart, thoughtful… We get along so well. You and I were always arguing about something. I’m not sure that’s what I want.”

“This guy sounds like a snore” “That’s too easy Harp. Ya we argued, but not about anything serious! We have different views on the world, that’s all. I knew our relationship was challenging, but it was also fun.”

“Yes, the debates that we would get into were kind of fun.”

“Especially over a steak and a couple beers! We were never bored.”

“..But James is so agreeable, he understands me. He listens and takes time to learn what I want and how I feel. You were always just all about YOU. what YOU thought. You think that how you feel is law, the final word.”

Billy was taken aback by this, he didn’t feel he was this way at all! “Now I know why she left, I was acting like a total tool… she’s walking away! don’t let her leave!”

“Harper! Stop! Please, I’m sorry that you feel like I didn’t care about you, but you couldn’t be further from the truth! I am so madly in love with you. It physically hurts! We are both such passionate people. Do you really want to be with someone like James? Someone whom lacks the passion for life that you have? Just to make your ‘day to day’ easier? We better each other, we make each other visualize the other side of stories, arguments, debates… We round each other out.”

“I’m sorry, Billy. I just can’t. I can’t do this.”

She walks away, getting lost in the sea of men and women on campus grounds.

” I don’t know what I am going to do now… I cant believe that she is taking the easy way out! ‘Mr. Perfect’ Right. Perfectly boring. Unreal.”



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