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Well over the weekend I found out for sure that my favorite chicken in indeed a rooster 😦
caught him trying to mount one of the hens, and then yesterday he crowed. It was a sad moment. I really loved that stupid thing.
I had to rehome him. Thankfully I was able to find a woman would love him as much as I do!

The Husband hated to see that I was so sad and told me that I could replace the rooster with two new hens. So I got on craigslist and found two 1 week old Easter Egger hens. They will be ugly as sin when they are grown, but they are going to lay me some pink, blue and green eggs…. In December.

1 week EEs
The others should start laying here in about 5 or 6 weeks, at the most hopefully. Laying on average one egg every 25 hours. That would come to about 21 weeks a week, give or take.



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