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Jane Doe Assignment#6


Have you ever met any whom you instantly dislike? No words spoken, only glances exchanged over a period of time.

Has that same person ever changed your life? The way you saw the world, the way you faced the world or the way you faced yourself?

Jane Doe. She went from a lady I wanted nothing to do with (thanks to our DDs, darling daughters,) we were basically forced on each other. To a lady I couldn’t live without.


Our DDs were school mates and were always asking to play together, I didn’t know the mom the mom didn’t know me. Yet, we wanted to make sure our DDs were happy.  Jane would come over to the house, from across the street, just to keep on eye on her daughter. I would sit outside to watch mine as well.  We would chit chat and exchange niceties, we were never rude or anything like that.

Little did I know that this woman would become my best friend.

Jane always seemed like a force to be reckoned with, she would portray herself as a hard ass, this beautiful, blond headed tornado.

I’ve always viewed the world as a hard place, some where where I  had to wear my tough face. Build up walls, not let anyone in. I’m sure that’s the reason I didn’t want to be her friend at first. My whole “I don’t need anyone” mentality at the time. Jane has shown me other wise, her compassion for other people is endless. Her willingness to stay being my friend even while I was acting like a raging bitch has always awed me. Although when I made her mad, so mad there was fire in her eyes. She would go home, calm down and then come back and talk to me like a grown up. That was something that I never would have done. Even as an adult, you piss me off, I walk away. Period.

Knowing Jane has made me question myself. What kind of person I am, what kind of person I want to be.





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