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There really isn’t any particular songs that are “important” to me. There are some songs that invoke certain memories, but I cant say that I put any real stock in them.
Music for me is more about the way it sounds rather than the lyric associated with it. It could be the corniest song ever and Id love it, if it sounded right. For example The Cup Song. Its cute. The lyrics are nice, but the music makes me want to dance, its a good “car dancing” song.
Lady Gaga, she is a fantastic, multi-talented artist, I have a lot of respect for the music she makes. Again, some of her music makes me want to dance, the lyrics hardly matter.
There is one song but I cant remember the artist. Sings about two lovers being separated by a body of water, “but you’ll come home soon.” My Husband is in the Navy and would always be gone, every once in a while I turn that one on…
One song that pulls on memories for me is “Beth” by Kiss. the lyrics don’t hold any special meaning, but I remember my mom singing it all the time when I was a kid. Now that’s a song that I sing to my kids.
I will listen to just about any genre, as long as it sounds good. From country to 80s rock to punk rock to gospel music.


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  1. Short and sweet. I enjoyed reading it!
    My assignment if you’re interested! 🙂


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