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A Room With A View Assignment #2


I walk through the front door.. any one of several where I grew up. My aunt’s, my uncle’s, my Oma’s.
Each of these homes are very different and yet they are exactly the same. Small, yet we all fit. Unorganized but clean. Loud with the sound of multiple conversations and the kiddos laughing and yelling. The smells of coffee and cigarettes hang in the air for hours.
Younger cousins running around playing with my kids, family streaming in and out. Everyone sits around the dining room table and lingers in the kitchen as Oma makes us supper. Mushrooms and onions sautéed in gravy and served over homemade German noodles.
There is so much love in each of these homes. My heart aches to return.


6 thoughts on “A Room With A View Assignment #2

  1. Love it! Nice imagery provoking our senses!


  2. That’s very evocative. It reminds me of my childhood when all the family would get together in the summer. It was the best time of my life, really.


  3. Thank you, this is how my family always was when I was growing up. It was like this every day. But now that everyone is older and has their own lives, followed their own. our own. paths, things have changed. Feeling very nostalgic.


  4. Love your last line. It is perfect! 🙂


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