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Banana/Pineapple Jam! Pectin Free!!

OOOh yesss you’ve read that right!! Banana and pineapple jam! I have been a jam maniac lately!!

I came across a recipe for Monkey Butter. It looked great..except I don’t eat coconut. So I left it out, altered the ingredients slightly. And came up with my jam ūüôā


1 pineapple chopped up
6 peeled bananas (starting to get spots)
1c. sugar
4-5 TBSP fresh lemon juice


My bananas are on the really brown side. I feel this allows me to use less sugar! Making it healthier for you!!


chop up the pineapple and put into a blender or food processor, pour into pot.
peel bananas and also whip them up in the food processor. Add to pot.
Add the sugar and the lemon juice, bring to a boil on medium heat. Boil for about 30 minutes. Until mixture begins to thicken.
Ladle into jars.
Makes about 3 cups of jam.


I really think the key here is to use fresh lemon juice! DO NOT USE PECTIN. Ha! Lemon juice gives my jam such a nice consistency.

This recipe doubles very nicely!!



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Track Season Assignment #15

I grew up in a small town that held horse races for the oldest incorporated track in the country.
There was always something fun going on in the summer. From concerts, to tourists to track season. It was always busy. Now if you were driving through town you’d only get pissed off. Traffic was horrible. I can remember my mom and dad always swearing at the other cars! Ha!
My friends and I would hang out downtown, eating ice cream and “tourist watching.” People are so damn interesting. We loved seeing all the old people walking with their heads back taking pictures of everything.
Track Season is still going on, but for me its been cancelled. I’ve lived so far away for so long now. It’s been YEARS since I have been able to just hang out in town. I get homesick for it sometimes, the nostalgia of my childhood… Most of my school friends still live in our home town and are able to enjoy the festivities.

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Serial Killer II Assignment #13 Pt. 1

I found my passion.
Well, I’ve known what I love to do for a long time. But it just dawned on me that I would like to do this as a career.
I am the biggest foodie I know, I want to cook for other people. Food gets me excited. I love when I bite into a dish and all I can do is giggle; watching other people melt over my food.
There isn’t one specific thing I like to cook. Between meals and desserts I like to span over the globe… Italy, England, France, Mexico, Poland, Germany, Greece…
I want a food truck. I know, I know… Food trucks are trending right now, But I am hoping that I can make money, save up and eventually open a store front!

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A Letter to Outlaws Assignment #14

Dear Outlaws,
I’ve been watching you on the television set for a while now, on a show called Wild West.
I hope that one day I can be like the good guys that catch you! I would wear a white cowboy hat and be the fastest gun slinger in the west!
I want to put all you bad guys in jail and save the day! You really should think about going straight. Didn’t your mommy ever teach you its not nice to spit and say bad words? I’ll sure teach you once I am big enough to ride my own horse!
The 10 year old boy whom watches too much television.

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I hear the littles Assignment #12

I sit on my enclosed back porch, watching the littles run around the yard. Through the sprinkler. They are inventing their own games, arguing over rules.
“NO!” My 8 year old daughter shouts, “You have to jump the THIRD time you pass that spot on the grass! You lost! Go back to the beginning!”
I have no clue what she is talking about. She is yelling these nonsense directions to her brother and sister ( 5 and 3.5 years old.)
My youngest is almost 4. She is tough as nails. She hollers back at her sister “No! I don’t wose! YOU wose!” The middle little and only boy, just stands there. Not understanding what the “big deal” is. He is more the silent type and will mostly go along with anything either of the girls say.

I would like to see that each of their personalities stay the same for the most part. I may be biased but each of my 3 littles are so damned cute, well rounded and developed.

I listen to, not what the kids are talking about, but how they are presenting themselves to each other. There is a pecking order among them, one I didn’t really expect. The baby is the BOSS. Try to tell her other wise, I dare you! HA! She is so rough and tumble, its nuts.

My oldest, I always joke, is 8 going on 16. Since the day she was born she has always had that preteen-ness about her. I’m not sure what I will do once she finally does hit that age. Smaaart! Too smart for her own good. Going into the third grade next year she will already be taking advanced placement classes at her school. She wants to be a pathologist and help solves crimes!

And the boy. That’s what we call him, Boy. He loves it. My best bud, loves his mommy. He is so damned agreeable and so handsome it actually hurts to look at him.¬†The Boy will definitely be a heart breaker once he grows up. That’ll be his dad’s problem.

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The Big Move. Assignment #11

My whole life up until now had been a series of apartments, all throughout the same town. Most, even, right on the same street. A couple months here. A year there.

One day my parents came home from work and announced that we were moving yet again. “This time we are buying a house!” My mother explained. They went on to tell us (my brother, sister and¬† myself) that this house wasn’t going to be in Waterford… It was 30 minutes north. I was heart broken to have to leave my friends. Even though we lived in several different apartments we had always gone to the same school.¬†Now I was going to have to start middle school some where else.

As a 12 year old life isn’t just isn’t fair. “This new place better be good.” ¬†

Mom and Dad took me up to the house that weekend. To scope things out. We drove for, what seemed like, forever. Finally going through a small neighborhood.

“Here we are!” Dad was so excited I thought he might burst.

It looked pretty big. At least compared to the apartment. My dad told me that there were only 3 bed rooms so he had had a room in the basement converted into my own space. I liked the sound of that! Sounded .. dark and brooding. Ha!

There was all the usual stuff here. Eat-in kitchen, living room, bathroom..

“Come on, let’s go out back” I followed my¬†Mom onto the¬†back porch.

“Holy crap!” We had¬†our own in ground pool!¬†It was huge! Last summer when we wanted to go swimming, my sister and I would take the bus across town to the public pool.

Now we had one right in our backyard!

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Easy Peasy Peach Jam Pectin Free!!

If I couldn’t stress anything more it would be my loathing for pectin. period. I hate the stuff. Maybe its just me, like some people don’t like using yeast… I don’t know.. Any who.


Lemon juice is a natural pectin! It works wonders! I love the consistency it gives my jams.


3lbs peaches, diced. No need to peel

1/4C fresh squeezed lemon juice, about 1 good sized lemon.

2.5C sugar (or more if your peaches aren’t very sweet,¬†less if they are very sweet)


I put my diced peaches in a really big bowl, poured lemon juice on top. Fold to coat. Add sugar. Fold to coat.

Then I covered it and left it on the counter for about 2 hours.

Pour into large sauce pan, bring to a boil. Boil for 25-30. It will start getting thick, no quiet coating the spoon.

Remove from heat and ladle into mason jars.

Mine doesn’t last for¬†very long, the kids burn through it.¬†But you can refrigerate for¬†up to a¬†month or freeze for several months!

Peach jam in winter!!


Peach Jam