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Seriously. These are the best Chocolate Chip Cookies. Ever.

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There is one dessert in this world that I love above all others. Chewy, moist, amazing, chocolate chip cookies. I was always searching for that perfect recipe. I cant even tell you how long it took me, standing in the kitchen, running back and forth to the market for butter and chocolate chips, until this recipe was absolutely. perfect.

2c. ap flour
1/2tsp baking soda
1/2tsp salt
3/4c butter, melted*
1c packed brown sugar (I use dark for a richer flavor, you can use light if you’d rather)
1/2c granulated sugar
1tbsp vanilla extract
1 egg + an extra yolk! <–This is essential to the chewiness
2c chocolate chips. Sometimes I use more, sometimes less. All depends on how what you'd like. SOMETIMES I even sub the chips for M&M's!! Pure heaven.
*When you melt the butter in the microwave don't keep putting it in until it all melts. If you microwave it for about 25-30 seconds and then stir it up it helps to hold the butter together, otherwise the butter gets greasy and gross.

Mix your wet ingredients and dry ingredients separately. Then incorporate together, I used my mixer, but it isn’t necessary.

fold in chocolate chips

Spoon onto prepared baking sheet. Rounded tablespoons work well.
Bake at 325 for 14-15 minutes. Remove from oven and allow to continue cooking on hot baking sheet for 5 more minutes before removing. This helps sets the center of the cookies.


This recipe makes about 28 medium sized cookies.


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