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Flavored Water Can Be Exciting!

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Okay so I have this new … well new to me … favorite thing to drink. I have had glass upon glass of this stuff, staying super hydrated and getting plenty of vitamins! Who could ask for more?!
First up is Cucumber Water!! I was a little uneasy about this at first but I’m always looking for new ways to get my hydration on. I recommend a glass water bottle. The ones at Target are super cute but they are about $20. I am currently using a mason jar although I plan on getting a bottle of Voss water and just using that again and again. It will be a lot less heartbreaking when lets face it, it breaks. I am probably the very most grace-less person you’ll even come across. Ha!
Anyway! So the cucumber water is packed full of potassium, vitamin C and vitamin K. As long as you DONT peel the cuc before you soak it. I like to eat the cucs after I drink up! YUM!
I have fresh mint plants in my kitchen and I wondered … crush them between your fingers and add them to the water! Simply amazing.
I used about a third of the cucumber and 10 fresh mint leaves. Let it “Steep” in the fridge for about an hour or so. Trust me, you want to drink this water! You’ll suck it down and go back for more! It’s that good.

Another one that is fantastic is a sugar free (and FAKE sugar free) strawberry lemonade!! My favorite things about combining lemons and strawberries is their cleansing properties! Drinking lemon water helps to flush toxins out of your system, its full of antioxidants. Strawberries are a natural anti-inflammatory, are packed with vitamins and help to regulate blood sugar!

I used about half a lemon, you can use more or less depending on how tart you like it, and as many or few strawberries depending on sweet you want it! Personally I use more berries and less lemon. You wont need sugar because the berries will sweeten the water!
I do like to throw some mint in this one too, perfection!
“Steep” this one in the fridge for at least a couple hours.. 2-3 to soak all the good stuff from the strawberries.


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