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Clean Water For Your Chickens


I recently built this waterter for the chickens and the ducks.

I bought a 2 gallon bucket with a lid from Lowe’s and a pack of Poultry nipples from Tractor Supply. Spending maybe $8 total.


The poultry nipples are threaded on one end. I drilled holes into the bottom of the bucket, screwed them in and DONE! It was that easy.
I did end up sealing them with waterproof caulk, just to be on the safe side.


Because the bucket has a lid the water stays clean! Much healthier for your flock!


2 thoughts on “Clean Water For Your Chickens

  1. I’ve been looking at these things for days and wondered how you refill them without crushing the nipples.


    • Hi! The nipples are screwed into the bottom of the bucket, which has a lid. When I refill it I just set it down in the grass, I haven’t had a problem with them so far! Hope this helps!


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