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Raising Ducks

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Ok, I know that I posted yesterday about my ducks… But there is a limited amount of information on the web, at least compared to raising chickens, for Duck Care. So I want to share my experience, my trials and errors, what works and what doesn’t work, so on and so forth.

One thing that I’ve witnessed is when the ducklings are tiny.. like a few days to probably about 3-4 weeks old they should be in the same brooder as the chicks (same age,) if you happen to have chickens too. My hens and ducks are bbf’s haha! After those 3-4 weeks though the ducks start getting REALLY messy. They’ll spill the water, poop in the water, make the whole brooder wet with this mess.. trust me, they’ll need their own home. The dampness isn’t healthy for the chicks. After I separated them I noticed that the chickens brooder needed to be changed much much less often than the ducks. I was doing the ducks every other day. The heat lamp + the wet + the poop = …you don’t want to know. It gagged me, and I have a strong stomach.

All the research that I’ve done concluded that the hens and the ducks shouldn’t live together in the same coop. I think this is because of the mess the ducks make. I fixed that too. I don’t leave water inside the coop at night. They aren’t in there all that long.
See? Friends!!

I recently put together a waterer I found on pinterest. I took a 2 gallon bucket, drilled holes and attached chicken nipples. I was informed that ducks shouldn’t drink from the chicken nipples because it is unnatural for them to tilt their heads back. Now, this is true! Ducks need to submerge their heads to clear out their sinus cavities. That makes sense. BUT it doesn’t mean that ducks CANT use the chicken nipples.
They just copied the chickens!! This is why I love the chicken nipples: I can seal that bucket! It keeps the water clean and healthy!! For the 2 gallons I added 2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar. It has health benefits for the chicks and ducks. Aids the immune system, aids the good bacteria in the stomachs helping digestion, words off worms…

People talk all the time about giving their chickens yogurt. Regualr yogurt, flavored, plain, greek.. The probiotics that are so good for us are also really healthy for them. Well I am giving it to my ducks too! They love it just as much. This guy has a yogurt mustache!!

One last thing for today! I really wish that when the ducks were ducklings I had handled them more. They can be super skittish when I really just want them to be my friend! Ha! I feel like if I held them more as babies they would be used to me or something, I don’t know. Now when I am sitting in the run with treats they will investigate me, I can even catch them. But when I pick them up they go haywire! The one will eventually calm down enough that I can pet it (Don’t know the sex of them yet.) The other will fight like hell. They both though will go nose to nose with me and quack and quack and quack! It’s super cute.


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