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The ducks had so much fun today!
I let them free range for the first time, I had to keep the chickens in the run though. I’m afraid they can fly over the 6′ fence! I’ll have to learn how to clip their wings.

The baby can catch the ducks! I think that really love her. The other kids cant get close without them freaking out.


I had reservations about keeping the ducks and the hens together in one house. A lot of information on the google that I came across suggested it wasn’t a good idea. But I didn’t want to have to build two different houses in the back yard, at least not until I tried it this way. I am glad that I did!! They are doing fantastic!! I don’t keep the food or water in their over night. But they are only in their for 10 hours at a time. Every one goes to bed around 8 and up again around 6.
So if you are thinking about keeping both of these birds I recommend that you try it this way!!
The Splash Cochin, Ashleigh, is better friends with the ducks than the other hens!! Haha, they are too silly


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