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Coop Part 2

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After about 2 weeks of hard labor the coop is finally done! We spent a couple of days working all day long, then when the Husband had to work we’d go from 4pm until about 11, after all that work its DONE!!
Husband says to me now that I am responsible for any maintenance because he is “more than done with that chicken coop.”

I built 2 nesting boxes out of particle wood, its pretty heavy. I believe that it is heavy enough for the chickens to not move. I didn’t secure it to the floor because I would like to be able to remove it to clean. Beyond the boxes are 3 perches that we put in.


Here is the cleaning door and a window we enclosed in hardware cloth. I can open and close if I need to.

Now paint!


Last but certainly not least.. Chicks and ducks!!



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