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I’ve Found It!

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Quick post!
Since we’ve been outside working on the chicken coop, I got 13. no lie. 13 mosquito bites on my legs. I HATE MOSQUITO BITES. Now for everyone else they are just an annoyance. For me they make me want to rip my legs off. I am always covered in scars from tearing them open all the time. I cant help myself.

Ok. So here’s the thing. I use Epsom salt for when I decide I’d like to take a bath. Especially after a long hard day. The Epsom salt in a hot bath draws out toxins, relieving stress, reducing tension, easing sore muscles.. I got to thinking, if it draws OUT toxins maaaybe just MAAAYBE it will help the mosquito bites! I used the exfoliate I made for my legs (after shaving, see my post “Me Time”) I rubbed the coconut oil and Epsom salt mixture on the bites and VIOLA!!! After about 5 minutes the itch went away!! The best part is that they haven’t bothered me since.

I’m tellin’ ya, google the uses for Epsom salt. Use it. It’s cheap and works wonders for a lot of different things!


One thought on “I’ve Found It!

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