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Food on my Face

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I have terribly dry skin in the winter and terribly oily skin in the summer! I cant catch a break! Ha!
I’ve tried using all the expensive skin care treatments to help even out my moisture (Mostly I do this for my face, hands and legs.) I’ve bought toners and skin brighteners and anything else I could think of to try to even out my completion (acne,chicken pox scars and freckles.)
Actually I cant say everything because I refuse to buy a bunch of expensive makeup and just hide my face from the world. I realize that this is some people’s preference, its just not mine.

For my face twice a week I like to use a scrub I make at home. The honey and olive oil are very moisturizing while the brown sugar acts as the exfoliate. Honey is a good remedy for acne, this has natural antibacterial properties.
Raw Honey, Brown Sugar and Olive Oil.
I don’t have measurements, I just mix them until I come to a consistency I like.

I also make a facial toner I use every night. Witch Hazels helps to even skin tone, and reduce redness and lemon juice helps to brighten skin. You can find a bottle of the witch hazel at Walmart with the rubbing alcohol and peroxide. It’s inexpensive as well. I think I may have paid $4 for mine.
1/2 C. water
1 C. witch hazel
Juice from one whole lemon.


The skin on my legs is very sensitive, especially when I have to shave every other day in the summer so I don’t look like Chewbaca! Every other time I shave I use a scrub I made with coconut oil and Epsom salt. The coconut oil ads a good amount of moisture while the Epsom salt helps to decrease inflammation, redness and irritation. NOW Epsom salt is SALT. I use it after I’ve already shaved my legs and its… salty! It tingles and may be a little burny! You could use it before you shave, but then you run the risk of gunking up your razor.
I just use a couple tablespoons of coconut oil and sprinkle in the Epsom salt. Only enough that its slightly gritty in texture.


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