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Coop part 1

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My husband has been so great during the last few days, haha. I was very insistent on building our own chicken coop. “$200 for that small thing isn’t worth it!” and “I certainly don’t want one that costs upwards of $600 either!!” Birthing the brilliant idea of building ours.

We scoped out some coops online and started drawing pictures of what we were looking for, from there we drew up a set a plans.
Including what kind of feeder and what kind of waterer we thought would be the most efficient, what kind of nesting boxes to use.. things of that nature..

We started out with the idea of a 4ftx4ft coop. 16sq ft. Then one day I came home from a petting zoo with another hen! haha! So now it is 4ftx5t. 20sq ft. I know, I know, it doesn’t sound big, but it is! There is also an attached 3ftx8ft run.

My husband and I used 2x2s and plywood to build the whole thing. We had only just bought this home less than a year ago, while Husband was cleaning out the shed he found vinyl flooring and extra roofing shingles. Both of which we used in the coop.


The baby was helping..

Two doors have been installed. One for cleaning, that it larger and one for collecting eggs. I made the nesting boxes out of 1ftx1ft particle board I found in the shed. I’m pretty sure that two boxes are enough for 4 hens! There is room for another if needed.

Nesting boxes and a couple perches

This is what we have so far! I hope you like it, as the coop progresses I’ll post more pictures!! Hopefully I’ll be able to paint it this weekend with my mom.


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