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Waffle Sandwiches!

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If you are craving a something sweet and over-the-top amazing for breakfast this is it! Cheap and easy this meal will surely impress your company for brunch…
I got the idea from a magazine, but after recipe over haul it better suits my Gotta-have-something sweet needs!

The center of these sandwiches is so smooth and creamy satisfying. A perfect mixture of cream cheese, cottage cheese and confectioner sugar

Fry them up on a little bit of butter and a med heat skillet

Top with a little more confectioner sugar and VIOLA!

1/3 block of cream cheese, slightly warmed up or room temp
1/4 C. cottage cheese (I use the large curd)
2 T. confectioner sugar – plus more for dusting
2 T. butter – for the skillet
Jam of your choice
frozen waffles ( the original recipe calls for 4.. but with this recipe I made 4 sandwiches..)

1. place cream cheese, cottage cheese and 2 T. conf. sugar in a bowl and mix well.
2. heat skillet to med heat ( not too hot so you don’t burn the waffle before it cooks all the way through) add butter.
3. spread jam on one waffle and top with cream cheese mixture, top with other waffle. About 3 minutes each side on the skillet.
4. Once done dust with conf. sugar!


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