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Babies and Chickens

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It’s so hard to believe that the chicks and the ducks are getting so BIG already! The ducks have stopped peeping and are now full blown quackers!
I was told by a lady at Tractor Supply that if I wanted the chickens and the ducks to be more docile in around me and the kids, that we had to “force” ourselves on them. I must say that every one did a superb job! The babies were picking up and holding the chicken and the chickens were very calm and very nice šŸ™‚
My handsome son! The babies were telling me how much they love their chickens, it warms my heart. They are so sweet and this is going to be a fantastic learning experience for them.
Our youngest daughter decided that we should name this leghorn StarFire. I’m not sure why, I think that it may be from a TV show. But StarFire it is! Although I am still on the fence as to whether this one is a male or female. I have gotten really attached, so I hope that we can keep it.


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