Stay at home mom spilling the beans on everyday life!

The “S” Fam!



This is me, my husband and our three babies! I couldn’t ask for a better family, I’m sure everyone says that haha! The picture was taken last year when we lived in CT. The Husband is in the Navy and we move around a lot. Sometimes it can be unsettling to have to move so often, but also it is a blessing to be a Navy wife. Josh and I would never have met if it weren’t for the military.
The cherubs, as I call them collectively, are almost always that. Little angels. Even though we have our share of “I’m going to pull all of my hair out of my head” parenting struggles.
I’m hoping that in this section of my blog my parenting struggles can help others who might be having the same difficulties. While sharing the bountiful joys as well! Enjoy!


3 thoughts on “The “S” Fam!

  1. Looking forward to reading more of your blog! Welcome to the blogging world. πŸ™‚
    Your header caught my eye because of the beautiful pink cosmos. Cosmos are my favorite flowers ever.


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