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Growing Like Weeds!

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The chicks are doing well, they are definitely growing a lot faster than I thought they would! They went from this fuzzy cuteness Imagethey are only a few days old here. This is Cupcake on the left and Katy on the right.

To this: Image 
in two short weeks! HA! That is Scarlett in the back ground along with one of the Husband’s ducks. I’m pretty sure that Katy is a Leghorn.. not so sure is she is actually a SHE yet or not.. Scarlett is a buff orpington and I am fairly certain we have a hen here.  


One thing that I’ve learned about the ducks is just how messy they are! I am not a fan wet/damp anything in the first place. These ducks will do anything they can to spill their water. They get into the water bowl/feeder/bowl/pan.. anything I’ve tried. They splash, spill and fill it with food, wood chips and POO! I had to separate them from the chicks, I feel that the wetness of the ducks could effect the chickens in a negative way. Chickens DO NOT like being wet! Also their bodies will absorb water, living together has gotten pretty dirty..
Look at how cute they are!! It has surely been their saving grace!


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