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My quest for chicks, the obsession begins.

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My Husband and I very recently acquired, after much research, 3 chickens! My youngest daughter fell asleep on my while watching cartoons, unable to move lest I wake her, I was putting around on Pinterest and found an article about backyard hens. Interested, I kept searching for more information. After about an hour that was it! I decided that I needed hens, now how to convince everyone else that this was an excellent idea… My husband was working the night shift that week, so when he woke up around 8pm I had already had the whole day to formulate my plan of attack.
I had read that chickens are no more costly or difficult to take care of than a dog or cat (which we also have.)
The chickens would be very helpful in teaching our kids about responsibility and sustainability.
Best of all.. EGGS! Who doesn’t love farm fresh eggs?! We eat so many on a weekly basis, it only makes sense to have an egg “factory” in the yard!
It was surprisingly easy to convince him, hah! Now I had to make sure it was legal in our city, we actually live outside the city limits so it’s A-OK!
Lastly there was our HOA. I was so infatuated with the idea of having hens that I was terrified that the HOA would put the kibosh on my plans.. I put it off and put it off . Finally I emailed them, after going through the rules and guidelines. There wasn’t anything specific to keeping hens as a pet, and I was fully prepared to quote the handbook if needed. BUT he said YES! Just no roosters, understandable.
Once we made it to tractor supply to look for everything the chicks would need, my husband started eyeballing the baby ducks. He has always talked about getting bunnies, I am not a fan of bunnies. They reproduce. and reproduce. and reproduce. No thanks. This seemed to him to be a good compromise. So he got two ducklings. Husband named them Sven and Emilio Estevez. I call them “duck” collectively.
I found the 3 chicks I wanted on craigslist. You cant sex a chick, so really we just guessed when we grabbed them and we are still waiting to find out if they are hen or roo.

The chicks were 3 or 4 days old when we brought them home

The chicks were 3 or 4 days old when we brought them home

These guys are the messy ones.

These guys are the messy ones.


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